Found as ‘KBC_Glasburen’ in TimeEdit

This room has been specially created as a flexible and centrally-located space for short-notice meetings. The room has has no fixed furniture and can be quickly adapted to a wide range of activities. The room is open for general use when it is not  otherwise booked. Consult the booking calendar (below) before using this room!   Book a cool event and get free sandwiches!

Room details

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​HD projection Yes(84″ Surface Hub)
​Lecture recording and live streaming (UmU Play) ​Yes
(Mobile camera on request)
​Touchscreen for stationary computer ​​Yes (Surface Hub)
​Movable furniture Yes (round bar tables, folding tables, chairs, sofas)

Instructions for AV system

Go to ‘Equipment Training and Instructions‘ page

TimeEdit Schedule

To book, go to Beställning Av Fokuslokaler’  and search for ‘KBC_Glasburen’