KBC Atrium


KBC Atrium is a set of multi-use flex spaces outside in the main atrium/hall of the KBC and the area outside of the lecture theatres Atrium B).  KBC Atrium A is the region officially designated by the university housing office (lokalförsjörningsenheten) as focus environment space. However, we can secure a larger portion of the hall through negotiations with KBC and Café KBC (GN Catering).   KBC Atrium B is a useful gathering place outside the lecture theatres that can also be reserved for your convenience. These spaces have no fixed furniture and can be quickly adapted to a wide range of activities. The spaces open for general use when it is not  otherwise booked.  View booking below.

Room details

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​HD projection Yes, via mobile Microsoft Surface Hub (on request). Larger projection can be arranged through private contractors
​Lecture recording and live streaming (UmU Play) ​Yes,
(Mobile camera on request)
​Touchscreen for stationary computer No
​Movable furniture Yes (round bar tables, folding tables, chairs, sofas) shared with Glasburen

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To book, go to  Beställning Av Fokuslokaler’ and search for ‘KBC_Atrium(förfrågan)’.