Room booking guidelines

These booking instructions for the KBC focus environment spaces are for anyone with a CAS ID in the Umeå University system.


  1. Procedural overview
  2. Booking with TimeEdit
  3. Booking lecture theatres 
  4. Booking focus environment spaces
  5. Booking confirmation


There are two types of spaces associated with the focus environment

  1. Lecture rooms, Lilla Hörsalen (KBE301) and Carl Kempe Salen (KBE303) that you can book independently as you always have.  They are included in the focus environment and may be booked by the facilitator on your behalf if the event helps to fulfil the focus environment mission.  If you have an event that requires facilitator support, such as videostreaming, don’t hesitate to reach out the focus environment facilitator.   Book in TimeEdit via Kursbokning or lokalbokning.
  2. Special event spaces that require the confirmation of your ordered (beställd) booking (see table below). These rooms are primarily intended to support focus environment activities.  Book in TimeEdit via ‘Beställning av Fokuslokaler’.
Special event spaces Description Notes
KBC Atrium room calendar A 8m x 8m section of the KBC Atrium that is beside the KBC communications office, as well as the space outside the lecture theatres. Free, and open to everyone unless it is booked for a specific event.
KBC_Glasburen room calendar Glass-walled room beside the KBC atrium Free, room to be open to anyone during regular business hours but bookable for exclusive use.
KBC_Seminarierummet (KB.F3.01) room calendar 40-seat lecture room beside the entrance to the Chemistry lunch room Always requires booking confirmation by facilitator.** Free if booked by the facilitator, otherwise normal 40 seat booking rate applies.

**Important Policy Note for KBF301 This room has been re-purposed by the University Board as an essential room of KBCon and thus be used as an instrument to improve the way that researchers, lecturers and students interact.  To facilitate this, we installed in this room mobile furniture, mobile whiteboards, video-cameras for livestream/recording and the wall-mounted touchscreens.  In 2017, the KBC focus environment reference committee and Lokalförsörjningsenheten (LOK), represented by Mats V. Johansson, decided that this room should be made more flexible for shorter-term bookings, particularly workshops, symposia, conferences, lecture recording and viewing, and videoconferencing.  I hope you can appreciate that the nature of these types of events make it difficult to plan as far in advance as courses. To enable these types of events, bookings for this room that involve more than two spots a week for more than two weeks continuously cannot be finalized more than two months in advance of each individual session without prior discussion with the focus environment facilitator.   This is called the ‘KB.F3.01 2-2-2 Policy’

Some Scenarios of the KB.F3.01 2-2-2 policy

  1. You booked a workshop that is five days a week (mornings), covers a full two-weeks and is four months away from now.  This will be confirmed, though consultation with the facilitator on technical needs is recommended.
  2. You booked a course that is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, covers a four month period, and is three months away from now.   Your booking will remain untouched and will prevent others from booking the space in TimeEdit. However, each week’s bookings will be confirmed once it is less than two months in the future.   Challenges to your bookings will be limited to a maximum of two spots in a single week, and a we will work the KBC Service Centre to find you an alternate and suitable location for each disruption at least two months in advance. 

Procedural Overview

There are 3 simple steps to book a room.

  1. You view existing bookings on a room-specific basis via TimeEdit or the kalendars on this site for each space’s page.   You can view room bookings directly in the TimeEdit portal. Once you’ve logged in with CAS, go to ‘Beställning av interaktiv lärmiljö‘.
  2. You order bookings via the TimeEdit portal Timeedit interface (CAS login required). Your time is now reserved for you but if it is a special event location (see above), it will not show up in the booking calendars that you can see.
  3. Facilitator confirms your booking(s) using the TimeEdit Client (web-browser) if it is a special event location (see above). It will then show up in the booking calendars that you can see.

For focus environment rooms, confirmation of bookings is done by the respective focus environment facilitator, otherwise it is a non-issue as all other bookings are confirmed automatically.

Booking with TimeEdit

TimeEdit is customized booking system developed for Umeå University to handle room bookings.  Instructors, researchers and administrators able to book through this system. Bookings are ordered (Bekräftade) from the standard web-interface

via ‘TimeEdit Web’> ‘Bokning för personal’

Bookings of two lecture theatres

KBE303 Stora Hörsalen (Carl Kempe) and KBE301 Lilla Hörsalen do not need facilitator approval and bear the usual charge based upon their seating capacity.   Can be accessed through ‘lokalbokning’ (first on list,  highlighted in blue), or ‘kursbokning’ if you wish to charge the booking to a particular course.

This webview also shows other rooms via cookie tracking(?) that have been searched through the ‘sök lokal’ field on previous occasions.

Bookings of focus rooms  (Beställning av interaktiv lärmiljö)

 KBC_Glasburen, KBC_StoraMilön (KBC atrium), and KB.F3.01 (seminarum) require facilitator approval.  KB.F3.01 seats 40 people and is charged according to the 31-50seat capacity rooms (see the booking policy above that applies specifically to this room**).  The facilitator will KBF301 on behalf of the focus environment if the event meets the focus environment aims, thus the focus environment pays for the room.  Glasburen and Stora Miljön are free of charge only upon request to the focus environment facilitator.

‘Beställning av interaktiv lärmiljö’

In the latter case, the ordered bookings are appearing in the calendar


Confirmation for focus environment spaces (excluding KBE303 (Carl Kempe/Stora Hörsalen) and KBE301) is done through the ‘TimeEdit client’ by the focus environment facilitator according to the 2-2-2 policy (above).  You should receive a notification that the booking has been confirmed (bekräftade).

Details of the confirmation process are provided in the document ‘Focus Environment Room booking notes.docx’ (relevant to the facilitator)